Elder Law

Elder law is focused on legal issues usually, but not always, associated with aging. Our goal is to help individuals and families secure autonomy, preserve legacies, and protect our elders by tailoring legal solutions to life circumstances.

Estate Planning

You have worked hard for your money and want to ensure that it benefits your loved ones, communities, and causes. We walk you through the process, empowering you to take charge of your legacy and providing support through good counsel and personalized documents to get the job done. While every plan incorporates similar elements, such as wills and trusts, we ensure that the plan we develop with you responds to your needs -- not the other way around.

Incapacity & Long-Term Care Planning

Whether planning for a family member with special needs or providing for the future possibility of temporary or permanent incapacity due to accident or illness, we ensure that you understand the options and have the right tools in place. We also help you understand Medicare, Medicaid, and long-term care insurance and provide assistance with applications.

Business Succession

Many business owners envision their life’s work living on, whether through family, friends, employees, or investors. We help you choose a business succession option, such as transfer-on-death registration or an employee stock purchase plan, and help manage the transition.

Guardianships & Probate

Sometimes in life, the unexpected happens, and we are called to take care of a loved one who has become incapacitated, adopt a child we care for, or settle the estate of somone who has died. We provide experienced, empathetic representation in guardianship proceedings, uncontested adoptions, and probate estates.

Fiduciary Services

To whom do you turn when there is no-one else? For individuals from small families, choosing someone to act as agent under power of attorney or as executor under a will can be a daunting, even impossible task. In addition, a guardian or conservator may need to be appointed, but no-one is available to assume the responsibility. We provide a caring, local, low-cost fiduciary solution for when there is nowhere else to turn.

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