Property Law

Real Estate Transactions

We handle all manner of real-estate transactions, including residential and commercial sales, purchases, and leases, refinancing, settlement services, and other matters.

Landlord / Tenant

We assist landlords and tenants in understanding their rights under Vermont’s Residential Rental Agreements law and other laws having to do with residential leases by preparing fair, clear, and legal lease agreements and, when necessary, litigating to secure those rights.

Land Use & Act 250

Vermont land-use permitting, zoning, and planning laws are complex. We can assist you with applying for permits, as well as appealing to higher authorities when things do not go as expected.

Property Rights Litigation

Disputes with co-owners, neighbors, or governments arise all too frequently. We provide practical advice and vigorous representation when these matters go to court - or need to.

Intellectual Property

Do you have an original work that you need to protect with a registered copyright or a business slogan you wish to register as a trademark? We can help you apply to protect the rights to your intellectual property – and profit from them through licensing or sale.

At Otter Creek Law, PLLC, we are passionate about helping regular folks deal with complex personal relationships.


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