Your Life and the Law

Otter Creek Law Approach and Promise

Our Approach

We believe the essence of lawyering is helping people respond to life’s challenges. At Otter Creek Law, PLLC, we are passionate about helping regular folks deal with complex personal relationships, especially as relate to real, personal, and intellectual property. Working with you and other advisors you may have, we help develop strategies to protect the lifestyle that you have worked so hard for, as well as your legacy.

Our Services

As native Vermonter and U.S. President Calvin Coolidge once said, “Ultimately, property rights and personal rights are the same thing.”*

The term “elder law” conjures for many the idea of a law practice reserved for older people. “Estate planning” is often thought of as something only “high net worth” people need. Other specializations that have developed over the years leave people to wonder why the attorney that helped them buy their house can’t help them get a permit for their business. At Otter Creek Law, PLLC, we understand that life and property are inextricably intertwined. Our business is property law.

*President Calvin Coolidge. Have Faith in Massachusetts.

Calvin Coolidge