Memento mori

As I wrote this piece, it was New Year’s Day. Father Time was out and the Baby New Year in. With this cyclical and symbolic rebirth, echoed by various traditions throughout the world,  I got to thinking (as I often do) about life, death, and disability. (I guess you could call me “death positive.”) Cleaning out […]

A Tale of Two Cons: Part II

Our previous story should be a lesson to all about how an innocent-enough pastime, Scrabble GO, can lead to the loss of hundreds or thousands of dollars. (In fact, I wish that story were concluded, but the fact is, some folks are too stubborn or have diminished capacity to understand.) This next story, ironically, takes […]

Medicaid for Long-Term Care

Medicaid, like Medicare, is an entitlement program that provides health insurance. Unlike Medicare, however, Medicaid is a “partnership” between the federal and state governments and requires more than categorical eligibility. It is “means tested.” That is because Medicaid was originally developed as a safety net. The reality is, however, that many Americans who have worked […]

Legacy Law, Part I: Elder law

Rotary Clubs identify members by their profession. My name badge says “Elder Law.” I’ve always been uncomfortable with the term because people either think they know what it means or have no idea what it means. Until the mid-twentieth century or so, the “elder law,” as such, didn’t exist. For one thing, the average life […]

Otter Creek Law Business Law

Elevator Speech

Welcome to the inaugural post of “Your Life and the Law,” the blog of Otter Creek Law, PLLC. Shortly after we opened, a friend of mine asked, “So, what’s your elevator speech? What do you do?” I’ll admit, this is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. Another question I get all the time […]